• Butte Central Sex Abuse Survivors

    On April 28,2011, certain asset-holding entities associated with the Christian Brothers of Ireland filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

    According to court documents, these entities filed for bankruptcy because they were named “in numerous sexual abuse lawsuits,” and they want the bankruptcy court to decide how their assets should be divided among their creditors. This includes people who were sexually abused as a result of the Christian Brothers being involved with Butte Central Catholic High School.  This website is for survivors of abuse.

    Butte Central Sex Abuse Survivors

Upcoming Court Deadline — Abuse Survivors Must Act Now

The bankrupt Christian Brothers entities are in the process of obtaining a court order that will require sexual abuse survivors from Butte Central Catholic High School to come forward and file their claims by a certain date in the near future. If an abuse survivor fails to file a claim by the deadline, some or all their claims arising from the abuse may be forever barred.

If you were abused at Butte Central Catholic High School, or by a Christian Brother or someone else associated with Butte Central Catholic High School, the time to act is now.  Please contact us to learn your options and to make sure your rights are protected. Our lawyers filed the claims that put these entities into bankruptcy, we have been actively involved with the bankruptcy process, and we currently represent a number of claimants. You can contact us by clicking here.

We have put together a more comprehensive website that provides additional information about us, about the bankruptcy process, and about some of the schools and Christian Brothers involved with the bankruptcy.